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Work in progress: Tail book

Work in progress: Tail book

Have you heard illustrator saying that they illustrate a picture book for about a year? I never understood it, until now. Because I’m in the middle of a picture book making, it’s called Tail. Oh man, I tell you, it has been about 7 months making it. It takes ages but I like these ages a lot! I am in a constant flow lately and knowing that it is normal that it takes so much time, makes ma calm and gives me confidence. So what is so time consuming about it? Well, everything :). First I made a storyboard to see where to put the text and what images these should be and in what size. It was lots of re-doing and planning, to fit it all into 32 pages. It was fun tho, this is the first stage you see the book coming together. I also did book dummy to see how it would look like in real size. Next I started to work closely with two main characters – crocodile and girl. To see how they should look like, what are their sizes compared to each others and environment. Then I tried out different moods, how the crocodile smiles, how he is sad and surprised, same with the girl. Then I had to decide what colors to use, do they wear clothes and if then what kind. It was lots of testing, doing again and waking up in the night time with a better idea. Hardest decision was to find one medium to use and a style. I tried many different ones. I ended up doing it in gouache and collage. I tried color pencils and ink but they somehow didn’t work for this story. It all was fun, I felt like I grew with the book. I used my toddler’s help, she told me what she thinks about these characters and what she sees on the pictures. She helped me a lot, for example in one picture you could see only one crocodile hand, other one was behind him. My daughter insisted, to see both of the hands :). So I did draw it peeking out. 

Here is one work-in.progress work on my desktop. 

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