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Working mode at home

Working mode at home

Procrastination… all this oder stuff we do so well instead of doing what we should. As a freelancer you must be really good in not procrastinating. If you work at home, there is a lot of “interesting” cleaning, eating, reading to do instead of working. I have practiced some tricks to keep me concentrate on working. I give you some of my tricks, that maybe they are handy for you too, never know.

  1. I give myself little free time in the morning to get myself ready to work but I set timeline, by 10 am, I should be working.
  2. Before this magical 10 am I have coffee, take kid to kita and tidy up at least 1m radius from my workspace, if I have time, even tiny bit more, make to-do list for the day (in to do list it’s clever to put one or two things what are easy to do, that you can get satisfaction crossing these off soon), read and answer e-mails. 
  3. Put some machine (washing machine, dish washer, rumba) to work in another room, so the soft noise of it makes me feel, that some stuff gets done, without my help.
  4. Find the most comfortable clothes and woolen socks to wear. This is the privilege of working at home anyway, so why not. 
  5. Ventilate the room or if the weather is warm, keep window open all the time. Keep the working room cool.
  6. If soft machine noise get irritating find music what helps to focus (spotify as some great playlist for that, podcasts help me a lot too. My favorites are Conan and Rahva Oma Kaitse).
  7. Get a good amount of water/tea to drink every now and then. It also gives you a good reason to leave the table every now and then to go for refill.
  8. Get working stuff ready and close all other tabs.
  9. Find paper and pen or notebook for random ideas and notes.
  10. Educate yourself every day. For this I have different options and somedays I do skip it, if I am really busy. I take Udemy corses. And some days I study German language 0.5-1h. These study breaks give opportunity to give a break in working but also keep your brain busy. 
  11. Another deadline that helps me to be busy is 16:00, then I have to get kid home from kita. It means, that most of the work with computer should be done by that time. Then it’s all about family and home. Dinner, playing, washing, reading and not being busy. Even if I didn’t get everything done I try to not worry about it because my bad mood would also make the rest of the family feel really bad. So it’s time to switch to family
  12. When kid is sleeping then it’s time for entertainment like reading, watching movie or answer not work related e-mails. But if some interesting work is in progress I jump back to that.
  13. From next month I also try Bullet Journaling, will see how much it will help me. Hopes are high. 

And in the end of the day if you still feel like, well, I didn’t get a lot done… check the clean washing, happy kid at home and full stomachs. First of all, we are all humans and we have to be kind to ourselves and others. Days are different, doctor visits, shopping and museum visits and etc brings lots of difference. 

This kind of attitude and schedule seems to suit to me. Maybe you found something here for you. 

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