Omad jutud 4

This is a really cool book. Here are stories from twelve children who passed a story competition. In addition to the children’s stories, the book includes stories by four children’s authors. “Omad jutud” series are published every two years and are intended as a gift for all the children in the first grade in Tallinn. Commissioned by Tallinn Central Library.


Jalad is a book that is based on a conversation between two friends: Bibi and Franka. In this book they talk about legs. Do the amount of legs make you faster? Slower? Is it important to have many legs? These friends like to discuss and think about things. This book is not about adventure but it gives a good example how you can try ti figure out things and lear something during it.

“Jalad” (“Legs”) was published by Koolibri publishing house in 2023

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Musterpere is a book for the smallest ones. With a rhyme it introduces different members in pattern family. It has a fun wordplay, that works well in Estonian and German language.

The book is published by Koolibri publishing house in 2023 April.

Emil, Sass ja kivimutukad

This is a fun and honest book about doing business. It´s a story about two boys who are bored and so, decide to do something – some business. It is a small scale business cycle that they experience.

The book is published by Koolibri publishing house in 2022 June.

“Emil, Sass ja Kivimutukad” was selected as one of the five most beautiful children’s books of 2022 in Estonia.

Herkülo büroo

This is my third author-book. I have written the story and also illustrate it. Behind the name of Herkülo Büroo are two friends who will soon go to school. The protagonists Sofi and Paul, like a detective, look for a solution to vital questions, such as where Sofi’s cat disappeared, how the tooth fairy gets into the room, which secret is hidden from Paul’s father, and why Sofi’s home suddenly has a surprising amount of candy. The book is a witty story about the lives and activities of the children of today’s small town, in which both the interval athlete and the Italian selling vegan ice cream play a role. In addition, Sofi’s mother’s famous recipe for sweet porridge is published.

The book was published by Koolibri publishing house in 2020.

Image from the book.

Image from the book.

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Inspektor telinski, kummisuti ja kõik ülejäänud

This childrens book is written by Hugo Vaher and illustrated by me. It was published in 2020 by Koolibri publishing house.  The book is about two little sisters. They live with their mother and father in an old wooden house, the neighbour is the musican Heldur, his cat and the kind captain Raul from the opposite house.

Image from the book.

Image from the book.

Krokodilli saba

This a childrens book illustrated and written by me. It was published by lovely publisher house called Koolibri, in 2019. This book is suitable for reading for those who can already read, as well as for those who are still learning. The book tells a moving story of a crocodile who is in trouble with himself and needs a friend. How does someone feel who has some peculiarities? What will help him cope, among others?

The design and pictorial language are also special, different from the traditional Estonian children’s book.

Image from the book.

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Lepatriinu täpid

Lepatriinu Täpid is a children’s book that was self published 2016 in Estonia, in Estonian. It’s a story about a little ladybird who is tired of her outlook – her dots. So she is complaining about it and wants to look different. She meets different creatures who make her understand, that she is unique and that is the best possible look for her. 

Cover of the “Lepatriinu täpid”

Image from the book.

Text and illustrations: Tiiu Kitsik, hard over, 32 pages, 210x210x6 mm, Publishing house: Miimik

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